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IQOS 3 Multi Device Made For Heets Sticks

With the IQOS 3 Multi, a tobacco heating system manufactured by Philip Morris International, you can enjoy the same great smoking experience as with traditional cigarettes, but without all the harmful effects. This powerful device, with a battery capacity of 830 mAh, delivers a similar experience to traditional cigarettes while reducing harmful emissions. It is also a smaller device, with dimensions of 119 x 25 x 15, that is easier to transport and use.

Featuring 10 sessions per charge and a monoblock holder charging time, the IQOS 3 Multi ensures a convenient and efficient smoking alternative. With a device charging time of 75 minutes and a heating temperature of 350, this tobacco heating system offers a seamless experience. The charger connector is a USB Type C, and the device even incorporates Bluetooth technology.

Introducing the IQOS 3 MULTI - the ultimate heated tobacco device now available on "Heets IQOS Abu Dhabi" website! Explore our collection page dedicated to the IQOS 3 Multi, offering a portable and convenient smoking alternative in stunning colors like Warm White, Brilliant Gold, and Deep Bronze. Our brand proudly serves Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and the UAE. Discover the future of tobacco enjoyment with IQOS 3 MULTI!

IQOS 3 Multi Devices and Their Colors

The IQOS 3 Multi is available in a range of stylish colors, each designed to suit your individual preference and style.

Key Features of IQOS 3 Multi

The IQOS 3 Multi, an innovative product from Philip Morris International, stands out for its unique benefits and user-friendly design. This device takes the traditional smoking experience to the next level, offering a healthier alternative without sacrificing the familiarity and comfort that smokers appreciate.

Here, we explore the key features of this revolutionary device:

Overall, the IQOS 3 Multi is a convenient and user-friendly device that offers a viable alternative for adult smokers looking for a healthier substitute to cigarettes.

Why Choose Heets IQOS Abu Dhabi?

When it comes to top-tier heated tobacco products, Heets IQOS Abu Dhabi stands above the rest for a multitude of reasons:

Choose Heets IQOS Abu Dhabi for an unmatched heated tobacco experience. We put our customers at the heart of what we do, striving to provide quality, convenience, and a first-class service at all times.

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